Welcome to the Studio

The modern world requires new habits in order to thrive. It is easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by the vast amounts of information, emotional stimuli, and competing demands we experience everyday.

The Studio 111 is a state of mind. While there is a literal studio located in Tampa Heights, FL, the Studio 111 represents a figurative “place” to go that is full of life, creative expression and satisfying productivity. The Studio 111 offers clarity; space to allow innovative thought, take care of the body, and align with purpose.

Join us December 1 – December 21 for a complimentary 21-day practice of cultivating the Creative Flow.

Featured in Yoga Journal Jan/Feb 2020

Hi, I’m Michele

Welcome to my passion project of the last decade. The fast-paced, dynamic world we live requires a new set of skills to maintain stability and positive momentum.

It is my pleasure to share with you what I have learned and grow with you.